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ASG Solutions for the Alarm Industry

A Routing Solution for Central Station Operators

ASG Toll Free Central Station Solution for Toll Free ReDirect

Today the alarm industry is having many challenges with delivering TDM quality in alarm signals along with the reliability from their carriers. ASG has partnered with TouchTone in providing a Toll Free Redirect solution so that if one carrier goes down all of your alarm signals will be redirected to another Tier one LD provider to guarantee the deliverance of your alarm signal no matter what issue comes your way.

ASG only works with the most dependable Tier 1 LD providers in the industry and will build the best solution utilizing carriers like AT&T and Level 3/TW Telecom for delivering your TDM quality alarm signals and providing Fiber optics for high speed Data services.

ASG Communications has also partnered with CenturyLink in developing a solution where a dealer's toll free number will point to a dedicated circuit that is connected directly to a CenturyLink Long Distance switch (Through support from the Central Station). This will allow alarm dealers to pay and own their own toll free numbers but received the same level of quality that the central stations have for your alarm signals. This method creates the direct connection between an alarm panel to a receiver which eliminates the risks of a carrier's VoIP platform re-routing the circuit and causing dropped or incorrect alarm connections. (This prevents potentially large liabilities with the end user.)

ASG Communications will provide you access to the aggressive dedicated Toll Free rates that have been negotiated with CenturyLink, AT&T, Level 3, and TouchTone.

KeepYourIP™ Solutions: Providing Secure IP Alarm Signals That you Control and Own

KeepYourIP™ provides secure IP addresses built for the alarm & security industry. This way, alarm dealers & installers will be able to program their own IP address to communicate their IP alarm panels to central station monitoring receivers. KeepYourIP™ provides independence and secure reliability in transmission of these alert signals. Our services promote competition, provide scalability, and allow consistent budgeting for the alarm industry. In a time of constant change and conscience buying we deliver an aggressive product that will fit all standards of economic growth.

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Here are some of the testimonials from our clients

Acadian Monitoring Services

Attention to detail and flexibility goes a long way

"Acadian has worked with ASG for over five years now. During this time they have demonstrated an understanding of the security industry, specifically including our needs as a monitoring company, which no provider before them could come close to comprehending. It is very refreshing to work with a partner that understands our needs before we even have a full understanding of what they are.

It is ASG's willingness to assist us by creating solutions around our needs that separates them from their competitors. On a number of occasions they have gone out of their way to find a number of different solutions that we can compare and present to our Board of Directors. Compiling multiple quotes and solutions might sound like a small item but to a company like Acadian, ASG’s attention to detail and flexibility in assisting us in this manner goes a long way.

Above everything else, the most important reason why we use ASG is because they are reliable and put their customers first. There are no call trees, no gimmicks and no hidden costs when you work with ASG. Both Davin and Jeff answer the phone when you call them almost every time and on that rare occasion where they don’t answer it right away, they call you back almost immediately. It’s nice to work with someone that takes the needs of the security industry seriously and works as vigorously as we do at meeting our customers’ needs." - Brandon T. Niles - Director of Operations

Mace Central Station Testimonial

Mace Central Station Dedicated Toll Free Solution

"Thank you ASG/CenturyLink for teaming up with MACE Central Station in providing an exciting new solution for alarm dealers today. The new affinity program brings a dedicated toll free service that eliminates the ongoing voip/LCR issues facing alarm dealers today in transporting alarm events over Switched Toll Free numbers. ASG/CenturyLink has opened the door for alarm dealers to receive the same low rates as the central station at the same time maintaining control of their toll free service with a guaranteed clean connection to our receivers. Our dealers are quickly taking advantage of this new service and reducing much needed office overhead... " - Michael Kallio - Director of Business Development

MKS Testimonial

A winning partnership with very satisfying results

"ASG has been a great company to deal with. Davin is very professional and responsive for all of our telecommunication needs. With ASG, MKS now has a reliable and quality telecom infrastructure to provide exceptional technical support services to our customers. We have forged a winning partnership with very satisfying results!..." - Victoria Ferro - President

NEXgeneration Centra

Knowledgeable with dependable support

"The fact of knowing there is someone there for you when you need them day or night as well as accountability and having a complete understanding of how a Central Station functions, NEXgeneration Central is more than satisfied to be working with ASG and having them support all of our communication needs." - Matthew E. Bergeron - Chief Operations Officer


Resolutions for complex advances within the Alarm monitoring industry

"Given the complexity and technological advances within the Alarm monitoring industry, we felt the need to find a telecom consultant that could guide and advise our Company as we upgraded our telecom and monitoring platforms. ASG brought to the table an understanding of not only our business but the latest in technology to assist in our transition. And while the conversion was more difficult than anticipated, Davin and the ASG team were there to plan, trouble shoot and resolve items as they arose. They have been a pleasure to have as our partner in this effort." - Wylie Fox - Managing Partner

Contact ASG Communications or Century Link at or 1.800.435.1373 to to find out the low cost, simple solution to avoid alarm system failure.

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