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Director of Cloud Services
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Retarus Cloud Messaging Services

Fax, SMS, Voice and Email Security

Managed Services Designed for the Highest Standards

Retarus provides a comprehensive portfolio of Cloud Messaging services, including Cloud Faxing, Desktop & Device Messaging, Application Messaging, E-Mail Security including anti-spam, virus protection, encryption and archiving, EDI integration and more

  • Process Optimization: Focused on messaging automation, productivity improvements, and IT environment simplification
  • Solutions for all use cases: All-IP/VoIP, virtualizing fax servers, facilitating multichannel communication, regulation compliancy, IT consolidation, and more
  • Services by Industry and Department: Increase compliance with today's privacy, security and records-keeping mandates. From healthcare (HIPAA) to financial services (PCI, SOX) to HR (FMLA) to Marketing (CAN-SPAM), Retarus provides compliancy to fit all needs
  • Perfect Integration: Office applications, SAP systems/HANA, or custom built software, Retarus integrates seamlessly into each and every business software

Cloud Services Created for Lower TCO

Retarus, as a managed service, eliminates the costs and complexity of managing on premise fax and messaging infrastructure. Without the need for telephony, hardware, software and all associated costs, Retarus services provide organizations with a Return on Investment up to 70%, greatly reducing Total Cost of Ownership, and completely eliminating Capital Expenditure.

Retarus Enterprise Hosted Solutions

Replacing your fax server and consolidating your IT, changing over to All-IP/VoIP, optimizing your workflows and fulfilling compliance requirements – complex scenarios require from the very beginning an experienced service provider, who knows what is essential for fax.

  • Desktop Fax Services: Retarus offers a critical messaging service suite that provides a robust range of solutions which support enterprise faxing needs. With native integrations into email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Office 365, and Office applications, users can fax a variety of documents seamlessly from their desktop; minimizing errors, maximizing productivity and meeting corporate compliance standards.
  • Retarus Applications Fax Services: Integrates with any business applications i.e. CRM, ERP, or legacy to send and receive critical messaging documents directly from business applications. Faxolution for SAP completely replaces in-house fax services and requires no hardware, software, installation or maintenance. Certified by SAP, this service has the world’s largest number of SAP connections – over 3,500 – outside of SAP itself.
  • WebExpress: Multi-modal web-based messaging broadcast tool, that enables Marketing, Sales, PR and other departments to send broadcast messages to a distribution list via email, fax, and SMS in a matter of seconds.
  • SMS Services: Retarus Mail2SMS and SMS for Applications allow users to send information from an email account or application to a mobile device. No hardware, software or gateway required.
  • E-mail Security: Multilayer technology that provides maximum protection against the most current viruses, malware and spam. In addition, Retarus’ E-mail Security provides innovative functions that improve email usability, email management and corporate compliance

Why Retarus:

  • 4,700: Thousands of satisfied customers around the world are communicating smoothly and successfully with Retarus’ services, including Sony, Puma, Honda, Avis, and many more. Most of them directly from their business applications.
  • Fast: Whether it’s 10,000 or 1 million messages – your business-critical documents always reach your recipients without delay. You need a quick solution? In such cases, Retarus can organize your implementation within four hours.
  • Secure: Safe rather than sorry. Retarus’ global infrastructure, with multiply redundant and backed up systems, ensures that your documents arrive at their destinations reliably.
  • Transparent: Gain an overview. Detailed reports and extensive analysis functions available in the Enterprise Administration Services portal make it easy for you.
  • Compliant: Fulfill all your compliance requirements from national and international regulations such as BDSG, ITAR, HIPAA or HITECH.
  • Efficient: Consolidate your IT and eliminate over or under capacities. The “pay per use” billing model is always perfectly aligned with your needs. Send and receive documents directly via your business application without having to make any changes to your system. Without needing your own infrastructure. Without installing any hardware or software.
  • Customized: You can count on the professional support of experts to adapt Retarus’ Cloud Services to meet your special requirements.
  • Automated workflows: Improve employee productivity with automation, OCR and reduced process times
  • Increased Deliverability: Faster processing of business forms and transactions, both incoming and outgoing, with seven redundant global data centers and 24/7/365 “Follow the Sun” support
  • Cost Improvement: Removing hardware, software, management, cumbersome systems with streamlined cloud services results in high cost reductions and significant ROI, up to 70%

The Cloud Faxing Advantage, Why Retarus:

On-Premise Servers Retarus Managed Fax Services
Capital Investment Ongoing investment in server hardware and software necessary. Including: hardware refreshes, software updates, telecom investments, disaster recover / failover implementations, capacity to scale No additional investment. Business continuity ensured with redundant data centers in region (NA, EU, APAC). No hardware, software needed. No telecom investment needed. Unlimited capacity ensured
Data security Depends on the company’s implementation of data protection policies Comprehensive data security including technical and administrative control mechanisms to protect customer data and meet regulatory requirements
Reliability & Security Investment in availability and disaster & recovery management is required No additional investment; maximum availability and disaster & recovery management are included in the service
Quality Management IP environments are difficult to manage, resulting in partial deliveries, lower quality resolution, and lower throughput, among other challenges Services are optimized with proprietary delivery technology to ensure highest delivery quality and delivery rates in the industry
Scalability Limited to the existing hardware and telecommunication connectivity On-demand capacity covers peak-load periods and growth
Support To safeguard error-free operations permanent monitoring, internal support and administration are required. 24/7 support; permanent monitoring of all services
Total Cost of Ownership High – CAPEX, maintenance, telecom, personnel, compliance/data security processes, administration, certifications, and more Low – normally less than half the cost of standard infrastructure deployment

Inbound Fax Services:

  • Fax-to-email: electronic fax received directly in the email inbox
  • Fax2Applications: fax reception via FTP, HTTP, SMTP, or SOAP
  • Quick implementation with no need for hardware or software
  • Highest transaction security and availability
  • Detailed reporting, and real-time monitoring of your incoming faxes, eliminates the need for manual rekeying and accelerating the transfer of time-critical data into business systems
  • Text and barcode recognition for optimum workflow integration
  • Automates the routing and management of inbound business forms, transforming the manual, unmanaged handling of inbound transactions into an automated, managed business workflow
  • HIPAA & Hi-Tech compliant – with Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Electronic signature for legal confirmation
  • Transparent billing

Outbound Fax Services:

  • Fax directly from your Windows desktop, Microsoft Office or Windows applications, all email clients, web interface and for all business applications
  • Seamless integration into your applications without making changes to your system
  • Integration of existing distribution lists, application of individual block lists
  • Scalable, efficient and secure – No dedicated fax server required
  • Maximum control with real-time monitoring, reporting and analysis. Transparent billing with cost center support (pay per use)
  • Highest transaction security, availability and deliverability
  • Easy to use and simple to implement – even for thousands of users
  • Compliant with BDSG, ITAR, HIPAA or HITECH


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Financial and Insurance Solutions

Healthcare Solutions:

Hybrid Faxing: the Downside of a "Partly Cloudy" approach:


EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

EDI you can count on to optimize your business success

  • Maximize the efficiency, reliability, and expansiveness of your EDI B2B supply chain
  • Lower the costs associated with infrastructure and overhead
  • Enrich your existing business integrations and add new ones at will

The challenge: Your business needs to keep your B2B supply chain state-of-the-art. Eliminate technology gaps and bring non-EDI partners into your EDI network. And reduce costs by improving efficiency within the B2B supply chain in ways that were previously unachievable.

The solution: Retarus’s broad portfolio of 100% outsourced business integration solutions and EDI Services. Our proven transaction-based services take you wherever your business relationships need to go – swiftly, reliably, and economically.

EDI Managed Services – Outsourced EDI services to fit your needs and your budget.
EDI VAN– World-class EDI transaction engine, faster than traditional VANs.
Web EDI – Lets EDI companies transact with non-EDI partners, opening up new partnerships.
EDI Service Bureau- – Bridges gap between retail hubs and non-EDI suppliers to expand your business.

Retarus’s broad portfolio of 100% outsourced EDI solutions provides companies with an array of options to optimize the efficiency, reliability, and reach of your electronic supply chain while reducing costs, infrastructure, and overhead.

Managed File Transfer

Turn your unmanaged communications into a managed enterprise solution

  • Turn unmanaged high-volume messaging into managed communications
  • Reduce costs associated with high-volume data transfers
  • Improve productivity, security, auditability, and compliance

The challenge: The amount of data your teams are sharing between business units – and with your outside partners and customers – is exploding. It needs to be managed. Homegrown, unsecure, unmanaged messaging must be replaced with a high-speed, highly-managed enterprise-wide solution that protects the business.

The solution: Retarus’s Managed File Transfer (MFT) Services. You can consolidate all of your company’s communications streams through a single secure connection to our global MFT service, where your business messaging can be managed, secured, and audited.


Automate your multi-modal campaigns for optimum efficiency, customer service, and business growth

  • Leverage a unified notifications strategy connecting all of your stakeholders
  • Communicate with each customer in the preferred format he/she will most likely respond to
  • Use Retarus’s cloud-based platform to cultivate incremental revenue and grow the business

The challenge: Your customers, partners, and other stakeholders expect to be notified in the format they prefer most, whether it’s SMS, voice, email, or even fax. You need a single automated notifications platform that can handle this challenge efficiently and economically.

The solution: Retarus Notifications offers a “single source” multi-modal messaging solution that enables customers, partners, and other constituents to receive messages in the format they will most likely respond to, helping to drive incremental revenue and growth for your business. Retarus’s cloud-based platform also eliminates the IT infrastructure costs, customer service delays, and human errors associated with having to manage multiple messaging systems.

Secure Messaging

Automate the creation and delivery of secure outbound messages to keep your business safe

  • Facilitate secure delivery with message verification and detailed audit trails
  • Strengthen compliance strategies
  • Create the peace-of-mind your business deserves

The challenge: You need to communicate, both internally and externally, in compliance with a wide range of security, confidentiality, and record-keeping standards. If you can’t, you’re putting your customer relationships, business partnerships, and reputation at risk.

The solution: Retarus Secure Messaging is a 100% outsourced, cloud-based secure messaging solution that integrates seamlessly with your back-end systems, strengthens compliance with both industry and government security standards, and makes it easy to transition your current environment to a 100% secure e-mail platform. This is what we call, peace-of-mind.

Cloud Products & Services

Sean Drinkwater
Director of Cloud Services
dir: 877.919.6400 .208
fax: 949.258.5822
cell: 949.400.8851


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